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SLW Transport Equipment

At SLW Transport, we understand how important it is to meet all customer requirements.

Slw Transport has a wide range of equipment to suit a diverse scope of work from small to large scale projects.

We pride ourselves on being flexible to meet individual customer requirements whilst being as efficient as possible.

SLW Transport has invested in an in vehicle monitoring system which allows for constant monitoring of drivers, deliveries & pickups which enables us to provide a reliable service.

We also place a high priority on staff training to ensure that your freight is handled with the best level of care.

Our range of our equipment includes:

  • Prime Movers rated up to 110 Tonne

  • Assorted Trailers as required

  • Sideloaders-20/40 extendable sideloader 20/40/45/48 

  • Skel-trailers 

  • 8/12 Tonne Tautliner with Tail Lift

  • Utes

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